GREENSBORO – Workers have completed a 500-foot leaking pipeline in Alabama, but many North Carolina drivers are still struggling to find gas

Colonial Pipeline, which supplies fuel to much of the Southeast, which mostly includes Alabama, North Carolina, Georgia, and South Carolina. Government officials said it is expected fuel to start flowing again this upcoming Wednesday evening. But that doesn’t mean drivers will wake up Thursday morning to an abundance of fuel at local gas stations.

Here are some things to know about the gas shortage:

  1. It could take several days for the fuel supply to return to normal level and even then gas prices can still be a little higher than normal still
  2. The best time of the day to get gas before certain gas stations run out for the day is early in the morning but before 5 pm
  3. Drivers traveling long distance should cancel their plans unless they ware willing to risk certain cities not having gas.
  4. When the pipeline began leaking, some drivers panicked and rushed to gas stations. Making the supply go down faster than it would of have.

The pipeline spill in Alabama released over 250,000 gallons on September 9. It did lead to a shortage but North Carolina should have back up oil in my opinion.  Gov. Pat McCrory took executive action Friday afternoon to increase the number of fuel truck deliveries and mitigate possible impacts on the state’s fuel supply.

McCrory and governors in Alabama and Georgia issued state of emergency declarations to deal with the effects of the pipeline spill.The leak is centered in Helena, Alabama, about a half-hour south of Birmingham. The gas line, which runs from Houston to New York, travels through Alabama and Georgia. It then takes a small swing through South Carolina and North Carolina as it snakes right through Charlotte and Greensboro.

Colonial Pipeline said in a press release Monday that they had been gathering gas from Gulf Coast refiners and then shipping it to markets throughout the southeast. Supplies of gasoline have either been delivered or are expected to be delivered soon to “terminal stations” in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee.

Fuel is being delivered to mainline terminal stations in Greensboro and Charlotte and following that, fuel will be delivered from those terminal stations to local ones in Raleigh and Selma, the company said. From that point, fuel will be delivered in tankers to other areas in the state.

I spoke with two personal people I know that had their crisis for the week of barely having little to no gas.

” I was not able to do my regular daily activities because gas was so high and I had to go directly home from work”. Stated by Janee

“Last week I road around for 45 mintutes to find gas and the gas stations was packed and it pretty bad”. Stated by Melissa

The company did not provide an update on when any fixes to the lines in Alabama would be complete.Long gas lines continued to plague the Charlotte area over the weekend. Asheville, N.C., shut down some government offices Friday.

“Things were pretty severe to the point gas stations did not have gas, and the ones that did have gas had an hour to two-hour wait,” said city spokeswoman Trisha Hardin.

A QuikTrip spokesman says 21 of the 37 stores in the Charlotte, North Carolina area were out of unleaded gas Monday afternoon.Chuck Barton said that in metro Atlanta, more than 60 of the 131 QuikTrip stores were also out of unleaded gas Monday afternoon.

There was various gas stations closed through out Greensboro because of the gas shortage but at the same time there was gas stations that were open in Greensboro.

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