Voting Stories In Greensboro


It seem as though the 2016 presidential campaign has been talked about for a while now and it has just started. I want to do a story on whether students are motivated to vote in November compared to 2012 when Obama was on the ballot. The presidential election back in 2012 was a big one for the African American community. Barack Obama was the first African American president ever in The United States. There are a few dates you need to remember and some already passed.

  • January 14
  • February 6
  • February 27
  • March 1
  • March 15
  • June 14
  • September 26
  • November 8

November 8 is the official election day for the US. September 26 was the presidential debate at University of Nevada in Las Vegas. June 14 was Washington DC primary. March 15 was Ohio, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, and North Carolina primaries. March 1 was Super Tuesday. February 27 was South Carolina Democratic primary. February 6 was ABC news debate at St. Anselm College in New Hampshire. January 14 was FOX Business GOP debate in North Charleston, South Carolina.

I feel as though most students that I have spoken too and ran across are not as motivated as they were back in 2012. I feel as though most people just voted back in 2012 for the simple fact that Barack was black. I still do not know whether that was good or bad but it still went down in history. This upcoming election is sort of the same because we have the first woman running for president and it is a possibility that she will win. The election this year is kind of shaky for this country.  The candidates are Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. Trump is in the Republican party and Hilary is running in the Democratic party. Hilary is having a hard time getting the attracting the Obama party because I feel she is a woman.

I encourage all my peers and young people to go out and vote whether they can decide or not. Think on your decision good and make it wise. As Americans we do not have a voice if we do not participate in activities such as the presidential debate.

I spoke with two different A&T students on whether they was voting this year and I also spoke with them on the election back in 2012.

“Honestly I probably will not vote. I may regret it but I can not settle for either one of the candidates running”. – Chelsea White

“I want to see the first woman president but I do not feel as though she will be the best match. I can not vote for Donald Trump so I have to vote for Hilary. I voted back in 2012 and I knew exactly who I was voting for because Barack Obama set out a great plan for this country at the time.

There are plenty of places to vote in November I found three that are real popular to vote at in the Greensboro community. The first time I actually voted in Greensboro I had voted at a funeral home right next to North Carolina A&T. The building was in  walking distance from the school so us students did not have a problem voting. I am pleased to vote again in America being that this will be my second time voting in my life history. I am kind of nervous this time around. Are you voting?


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