Violence Right In Our View




The total crime rate for Greensboro in 2016 was 4,165. It has already been reported so far this year i9 Greensboro 9 murders, 25 rapes, 185 robberies, 377 assaults, 828 burglaries, and 2,551 thefts. The overall crime rate in Greensboro is 46% higher than the national average. Do you feel safe in Greensboro?

Greensboro Police launched back in 2013. The site is electronically connected to police incident reports and allows users to enter an address to view different types of crimes reported around a home or business.The website is free and does not require the user to sign up or log on. Greensboro Police Department is the sixth law enforcement agency in North Carolina to use the system. The website shows up to six months of criminal reports and can be adjusted down to one day; the radius of the area reported can be widened up to two miles. It can also generate charts, share maps, and email reports. There is an iPhone app available as well for you iPhone users.

I want to do a story on precautions our local college students  can take to avoid tragedies in the future as well as visitors and local residents. The first thing to do in taking precautions is to not go to local house parties. I know house parties are the thing right now and everybody on campus is talking about the popping party tonight you can not follow all the time. House parties in the Greensboro college areas do not always end well. The second thing to do to avoid tragedies is to stay away from strangers. It is very rare o run across many people you may not know in the college scene but you have to pick out the good from the bad early. Personally speaking I am a college student and it is real easy to step into some trouble.

North Carolina A&T is a open campus being said locals and random strangers are always in and out our community. Having a open campus makes it more friendly but it also makes it more frightening for us students. I spoke with a girl and she would like to keep her identity unknown because of her story. She basically broke down to me her experience and incident with a random man probably a local and he was found sleeping in her dorm room on campus. This specific housing building had security and the police station is actually located in that exact building. You would have never assumed something as such could of happened but it did. I also spoke with another young woman on campus who also wants her identity unknown. The second girl spoke to me on her incident at a local campus apartment complex. She flashed back on her night a couple weeks ago of gun shots being fired at her and her peers. Two students died and that was all she remembers she says. She says the horror in her heart and panicking she went through caused her to forget mostly what happened. She did say that she kept up and was with her friends that she came with the whole time and they didn’t split up.

Her actions were examples of voiding tragedies. If it was not for the common sense my family raised me with I would of and could of been right in that crowd. Violence in this community has to stop and the violence surrounding our college campus has to stop. Coming to college should not be your deathbed but it should be your wings to new and better things in life.

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