About Me

When it is time to speak on you it seems the easiest but it becomes a task. When you start to write down everything about yourself and read them back you start to self-analyze and think twice about certain things. I’m from Rocky Mount ,NC. I now attend North Carolina A&T State University and hopefully will be receiving a Bachelors this upcoming December. I want to be a talk show host for a radio or TV show. Also I would like to further have my own videography store in which the public will come rent cameras from me for different reasons and I will have staff to go out and record things for different occasions. This HBCU has molded me into the person I never saw back in high school.


The top three words that best describe me are; hilarious, humble and a character.I didn’t have a really good childhood. My childhood was still filled with plenty blessings but I also had a lot of stressful times at a young age. Both of my parents died before I was ten. Growing up it was just me and my brother. I hate it how we don’t even keep in contact with each other and he was my backbone growing up. My values are very high about my life. I feel as though everybody has control of their own life and everybody has the same opportunities. It is either you make it or you don’t. I am ambitious. I am a strong black woman. I am Tyeisha Mozell.


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