Violence Right In Our View

  The total crime rate for Greensboro in 2016 was 4,165. It has already been reported so far this year i9 Greensboro 9 murders, 25 rapes, 185 robberies, 377 assaults, 828 burglaries, and 2,551 thefts. The overall crime rate in Greensboro is 46% higher than the national average. Do you feel safe in Greensboro? Greensboro Police launched […]

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Voting Stories In Greensboro

Greensboro,NC- It seem as though the 2016 presidential campaign has been talked about for a while now and it has just started. I want to do a story on whether students are motivated to vote in November compared to 2012 when Obama was on the ballot. The presidential election back in 2012 was a big […]

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GREENSBORO – Workers have completed a 500-foot leaking pipeline in Alabama, but many North Carolina drivers are still struggling to find gas Colonial Pipeline, which supplies fuel to much of the Southeast, which mostly includes Alabama, North Carolina, Georgia, and South Carolina. Government officials said it is expected fuel to start flowing again this upcoming […]


I am where I came from

ROCKY MOUNT When you here the line “I am where I came from” your mind starts to wonder a little. When you are from a small country town like me then things will start to get dark. Not saying it is a bad place but it is not the best place. Rocky Mount, NC is […]

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TV Package

RIDE ALONG Greensboro,NC LEAD: Public transportation has been used for years in all types of situation and business. College and Universities are a business that use shuttles and buses for their student body to get from point A to B on around campus. North Carolina A&T State University has had the Aggie Shuttle for years. The […]

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Interviewing Cayla

Interview: Cayla Webster   (Greensboro, North Carolina)- Calm. That is the best adjective to describe Cayla Webster from the beginning and ending of the interview. “I think she is more of a calm person than chill” stated by Webster’s best friend Lauren White. The difference between calm and chill seems simple but it is more […]

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  THE SUPERMAN OBAMA Greensboro,NC LEAD Hurricane sandy was once a violent act. It hurt and killed thousands of people. Hurricane Sandy took over New Jersey and New york in a matter of seconds. The Response To Hurricane sandy began while the massive storm was still gaining strength in the Atlantic Ocean. By the time […]